Paris Hilton has successfully combined business and love

Пэрис Хилтон успешно совмещает бизнес и любовь

Recently Paris Hilton has shared a pair of seductive videos.

To them she posed in a black bodysuit and boots above the knee and black gloves above the elbow — plumage resembling the clothing of the girls from Playboy.

And although in his signature to these videos 39-year-old Hilton has confessed his love to the brand that she advertises on contract, many of her fans decided that Paris during this photo shoot deftly managed to combine two challenges.

These same shots she used in order to provoke his beloved, who appreciated her efforts.

With her new boyfriend she started Dating earlier this year. For the first time about their romance talking after they appeared together at the party that followed the award ceremony “Golden globe”.

Then all were intrigued by the fact that Paris came to the party in the company of a charming young brunette, who was present was able to identify immediately. It was later revealed that this 39-year-old businessman Carter Reum.

Since then, Paris had seen with Carter. And on his page on the social network she has repeatedly posted videos that don’t give any chance to question the nature of their relationship. Besides in the comments to this video, she calls Carter not only as “my love.” Hilton met with Eumom your next birthday in February of this year and Valentine’s Day.

As claimed girlfriend Paris, it is configured in relation to Carter’s very serious and is eager to put him his life.


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