Paris Sorbonne University was closed after the attack of the “yellow jackets”

Парижскую Сорбонну закрыли после атаки «желтых жилетов»

French University of the Sorbonne decided to close because of security reasons. It tried to storm the so-called “yellow jackets”.

According to Le Figaro with reference to the leadership of the Sorbonne, the decision was made once inside the building tried to get the group of protesters. All classes are cancelled. At other universities and schools “yellow jackets” also blocked entrances to institution, tried to disrupt the school and to organize protests.

Earlier, the protesters against the increase in excise duty on petrol has damaged the arc de Triomphe in Paris.

Recall riots began in France on 17 November after the publication of the intentions of the authorities to increase the excise tax on gasoline. November 24, protesters in Paris on the Champs Elysees tried to break through to government buildings and clashed with police. Interior Minister Christoph Kastner stated that the responsibility for the collision in Paris is on the French far-right leader marine Le Pen.