Pascal Bérubé calls about the prime minister Legault of “seedy”

Pascal Bérubé qualifie des propos du premier ministre Legault de «minables»

Pascal Bérubé qualifie des propos du premier ministre Legault de «minables»

The interim leader of the PQ Pascal Bérubé


June 2, 2020 13h17

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Pascal Bérubé calls about the prime minister Legault of “seedy”


The Canadian Press

The interim leader of the Parti québécois (PQ), Pascal Bérubé, has attracted the wrath of the prime minister and his house leader, on Tuesday, after he had questioned the independence of the public health.

The tone escalated during the question period, to such a point that the president of the national Assembly, François Paradis, urged the mps to ensure that “the day of today does not happen again”.

Mr. Bérubé has replied to the prime minister, off the record that it was about “seedy”. He eventually left the blue Room, not without that the government house leader, Simon Jolin-Barrette, do not lack to underline its lack of a debate.

The “you do it on purpose” and “no respect” immediately sounded the benches, and the chairman Paradise was obliged to call to order Mr. Jolin-Barrette for his comments that he deemed “unnecessary”.

At the heart of this story, questions of Mr. Bérubé in connection with certain decisions on the déconfinement that could be strictly political, according to him. He cited the decision to keep schools closed in the Greater Montreal area, and up the road checks in the area.

“The travel between warm regions and cold regions may have an impact, he said. Is it that the prime minister can admit that the decision to remove the traffic controls in the region was not supported by a modeling scientist?”

It is at this moment that Mr. Legault has accused the head of the parti québecois to want to “kill the tourist” in the region, about “shabby”, said Pascal Bérubé.

Arruda and Legault, “the same person”

Mr. Bérubé has not stopped there. “We can no longer distinguish what is within the policy and public health. Dr. (Horacio) Arruda, and this is the same person now,” he started.

“It is time that clarifies things, because he takes decisions that affect the public health of citizens, the rights and freedoms”, he added.

Earlier, Pascal Bérubé had been hard towards the national director of public health, Horacio Arruda, and the government, which was ill-prepared, according to him, for the crisis of the COVID-19.

“We can no longer distinguish what is within the policy and public health. Dr. (Horacio) Arruda and him [Thomas], it is the same person now ”

The interim leader of the Parti québécois, Pascal Bérubé

The proof, he says, is that Quebec was the last in the country to obtain masks, which confers it the status of “last in class”.

In comparison, he said, the Western provinces started to buy masks as early as January. “It clearly has not precipitated the purchase of the masks in Quebec, because it was the last”, he dropped.

“I don’t know why, what is it that explains this lack of preparation, the government of Québec, the public health in the face of what was coming, but clearly it was in the last class for the prediction. It must be said.”

He quoted Dr. Joanne Liu, at the end of the week described as “completely wacky” remarks by Horacio Arruda on the question of the mask at the beginning of the crisis.

Dr. Arruda had initially mentioned the risk for the person wearing the mask is contaminated, before arguing that certain Quebecers would not have the means to procure, that the question of the mask raised legal issues and that, ultimately, there were not enough masks for everyone.

According to Mr. Bérubé, Quebec “what ifs” and “lost precious time”, especially in Montreal and Laval. “This is major”, he explained.

Legault defends Arruda

Arrested in point of press on Tuesday on this issue, Mr. Legault reiterated that according to him, Dr. Arruda, a deputy minister, is with all the independence that her position requires.

“We had good discussions during the last three months, almost every day, and I have followed the indications of Dr. Arruda”, he said.

“Dr. Arruda gave his instructions to himself. It is not us who have imposed anything at the Dr Arruda,” added the prime minister.

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