Pastel Barbo: rocker in both directions

Pastel Barbo: rocker dans les deux sens

Training Pastel Barbo

April 14, 2020 4: 00


Pastel Barbo: rocker in both directions

Pastel Barbo: rocker dans les deux sens

Geneviève Bouchard

The Sun


No doubt, training Pastel Barbo is sensitive to the symmetry. His first minialbum, grey Matter, is divided into two time that meet : four songs flirting with the psychedelic rock, the four alternate versions that we are heard… to the upside.

The instigator of the project, the author-composer Gabriel Brisson assumes his concept at the bottom. So much so that he chose to play a song upside down as the extract, just before the release of the whole work. “There are a lot of people who said to me : “the people have not heard your music. What is it that you do get it backwards?” I understand the point of view. But then, we had an idea, it has been assumed,” says the one who says he loves the sounds that invite themselves when you reverse a song.

“We had fun thinking about this concept. It was well to say that we have done to his head, but there is a concept with much thought behind it”, adds the one that forms Pastel Barbo with Raphael Laliberté-Desgagné (guitar), Lewis Falia on bass and Gabriel Arseneault to the battery.

No subliminal messages here. But a real reflection on the human brain, its creativity, its fragility, too. In this sense, the song and The painting that came off was inspired by the grand-father of Gabriel Brisson, who has been suffering from Alzheimer’s disease.

“It ends on a note that evokes the degeneration, the disease. That is what is happening with the brain in this situation? It is with this reflection that we built the second half of the EP, delivering four songs upside down. You reach the top of your life and if this summit is a disease, there may be a relapse in the unconscious,” recalls the composer.

“My grandfather did a lot of painting, carpentry, he has played guitar and has sung all his life, he adds. It has been inspiring. At one point, we could not have any more conversation with him. But he could still play the guitar. I’ve had moments very precious with him in the disease, because I was going to play guitar with him. For two hours, it was the same three chords, but at least he was happy. The art was still there.”

With several members of his family who also suffered from Alzheimer’s disease, Gabriel Brisson said that he had considered his inheritance. “What is it, me, my degeneration? resumes-it. Is it going to be creative? Is it going to be in the disease that I may be waiting a day also? I am 20 years old, I don’t stress. But it has opened up a reflection on that.”

Pastel Barbo had to offer shows to launch over the month of march. In the context of the pandemic COVID-19, these have obviously been deferred to a date that will be announced when the crisis will be absorbed.

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