Perseverance in school to the age of the COVID-19

 La persévérance scolaire à l’ère de la COVID-19

April 26, 2020 4: 00


Perseverance in school to the age of the COVID-19

 La persévérance scolaire à l’ère de la COVID-19

Guillaume Roy

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The carrefours jeunesse-emploi Saguenay–Lac-Saint-Jean and the regional Council for the prevention of early school leaving (CRÉPAS) wish to promote the perseverance in school to encourage young people to pursue their studies during the pandemic. To get there, they solicited three contractors to perform video clips with messages of encouragement and gratitude to the students who work in essential services.

These videos will be produced by three ambassadors regional movement Employers engaged in educational success (EERE), either by Dominick Béland Jean Coutu Jonquière, Nicolas Fortin and Émilie Truchon, owners of Tim Horton’s Alma and Saint-Ambroise. The video clips should be uploaded in about a week, says Anne-Lise Mining, communications coordinator at CRÉPAS, before adding that the current crisis generates challenges unparalleled to each of us.

This series of videos of encouragement specially dedicated to the students still in employment will help to develop close links with key resources such as those found in the three Centre youth employment in the region, which remain available, at a distance, to support young people in times of crisis. “The students will be a big part of the answer to ensure the aftermath of the health crisis that we are experiencing “, note Anne-Lise Minier.

To reinvent our company, after these hard moments in history, education will be one of the major pieces, ” she adds. “Students have more need than ever for the support of the whole community, in order to lessen the negative consequences of the current crisis on their perseverance in school and their educational success,” she said. Therefore, we need to be vigilant to not lose sight of the important actions which will help them to continue their journey among the batch of current issues. “

While the courses are reorganized to be offered at a distance, obstacles may be on the way of students, such as obsolete computer equipment, parenting, loss of income, an overload of work in essential services, the motivation, the extension of the school curriculum or the doubt about the continuation of the studies.

To overcome these difficulties, several organizations are interested in creating a network of caring around the students, particularly to students who are in the process of graduation. “We have a role to play in student retention and, even in these difficult times, simple gestures like a word of encouragement, a listening ear, a sincere thank you when one receives a service to our students in shops or elsewhere, are all actions within the reach of all that, when they multiply, can make a real difference,” adds Ms. Slurry.


A survey on the impact of the pandemic on students

Statistics Canada collects, moreover, data on the impact of the pandemic on the reality of the students with a survey on its web site. Students are invited to take five minutes of their time to answer questions that will ” provide a first overview of the impact of the pandemic COVID-19 on education, labour and finance of post-secondary students. “The survey will help in knowing more about” the concerns of students in regards to their academic future, their financial situation, as well as the financial constraints related to the costs of tuition, the payment of the rent and other expenses to which they are confronted due to the pandemic. “With the data collected, the governments and organisations will then be able to better target actions that will support students after the pandemic.

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