Peter Jackson’s book, a documentary on the Great War

Peter Jackson livre un documentaire sur la Grande Guerre

Peter Jackson livre un documentaire sur la Grande Guerre

By Euronews

See the war as the soldiers view, it is the bias of the documentary history of Peter Jackson.

The director of new zealand’s “Lord of the Rings” has restored and colorized 100 hours of archive dating back to 14-1918 to deliver “They Shall Not Grow Old“. He has also used the testimonies of veterans, recorded in the 60s to bring to life the reality of war on the front line.

Peter Jackson : “What emerges is that there is a lot of humor. When you see the pictures of all those places where they are, the spirit of these guys is incredible. We came to think that they had been sent to the slaughterhouse, we had sent these young people to hell, we can’t deny it. But they have themselves found a lot of humour in it and in their experience of the war. When you think about it, they had no choice, because we know that every time that human beings are in a situation of high pressure and danger, the only thing that is left is humor.

It is by listening to his father talk to him about the experience of his grandfather during the Great War that he has wanted to do this documentary. The director went to France and Flanders on the battlefield.

They Shall Not Grow Old” will be screened in premiere in London, October 16.