Petition for the retention of the name of the metro station Lionel-Groulx

Pétition pour le maintien du nom de la station de métro Lionel-Groulx

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This petition is a response to a request that the station Lionel-Groulx is rather the name of the musician Oscar Peterson.

A petition calling for the station to Lionel-Groulx, Montreal metro, retains the name it bears since the late 1970s has just been launched on the web.

On the website the offeror Vincent Filteau says his gesture is a response to the petition posted by Naveed Hussain who claims that the subway station is rather the name of the musician montreal native Oscar Peterson.

Vincent Filteau explained that the erasure of the name of Lionel Groulx from the metro map would represent a consent to amnesia and a recasting of the past that has no reason to be. In his opinion, the intellectual contribution and the memory of Lionel Groulx does not deserve to disappear in this way.

Mr. Filteau believes that replacing the name of Lionel Groulx by Oscar Peterson, the authorities would be failing in their duty to protect the population from collective memory loss and to keep alive the link between the past, the present and the future of Montreal and Quebec.

Vincent Filteau does not, however, preclude the application of the name of Oscar Peterson for a new metro station in Montreal.

Monday morning, the petition had collected in four days a little over 4500 signatures. One of Naveed Hussain, launched two weeks ago, had more than 18 600 signatories.

Last week, Kelly Peterson, the widow of legendary musician, told The canadian Press that she looked forward to see that a petition asking that a metro station be renamed to the name of her husband. Ms. Peterson, who lives in southern Ontario, however, added that it was not for him to be involved in the policy of the City of Montreal.

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