Photo: hurricane Michael was destroyed by an American military base

							Фото: ураган «Майкл» разрушил американскую военную базу

The hurricane of the fourth category, “Michael” destroyed the base of military-air forces of the USA “Tyndall” in Florida.

On the official website of base in Facebook message appears, stating that she suffered greatly. More exact information about the losses as to evaluate the damage is still dangerous.

Also, the report notes that on Monday all planes were evacuated from the “Tyndall” on a military base, the air force “Wright-Patterson” in Ohio, and the military were ordered to evacuate. The command does not know when you can safely return to the location.

							Фото: ураган «Майкл» разрушил американскую военную базу

Photo: Twitter/Christine Lynch

On the basis of “Tyndall” is serving 325 th fighter wing USAF. Here are based the F-22, F-15 and F-35A.

Recall, Florida was struck by a powerful hurricane Michael. Informed scientists call the reason for the increasing number of hurricanes.