Photo: in Kiev detained the thief in the law of Georgia

Фото: в Киеве задержали вора в законе из Грузии

15 December, the staff of national police in Kiev detained “thief in law” nicknamed “Temo Sukhumi. He came to the meeting with other representatives of the underworld, where he solved the problems of the criminal world.

Today in CIV pracaviki the Department strategicznych rosslauer Nacpac was stimuli targowego tourist-“slodi…

Geplaatst door Vyacheslav Abroskin op Zaterdag 15 december 2018

About this informed the head of the criminal police Vyacheslav Abroskin. He said that the detainee claims not to remember how he came to Ukraine and for what purpose. The offender is deported to Georgia, which has a very hard zakonodatelstvo about such categories of persons.

There is the unshakeable position of the state: the police arrested, the Prosecutor supported the police, and the judge sent to jail for a long time… Yes today we do not have such laws, but these painted monkeys will be put in jail or throw out of our country, because this garbage is not needed

Recall that in late November Natspolitsiya disrupted “a meeting” criminal authorities. SBU arrested crime boss, who terrorized Mariupol, police found a 42 “criminal authorities”, seven of which – the so-called “thieves in law”.