Photo: on the left Bank appeared the lights with solar panels

Фото: на левом берегу появились фонари с солнечными панелями

In the Dnipro district of the capital installed 7 new Autonomous lights, which is equipped with solar panels. Their price is 370 000.

Фото: на левом берегу появились фонари с солнечными панелями

Photo: Oleksandra Seltsova/Facebook

A new light appeared in the street plows, 3 and the Boulevard Perov, a 16-in and 18-a, passes Hmarochos. This project is of the authorship of the Alexandra Salloway won in the “Public budget” in 2018. For its implementation Alexander contacted several companies that checked the area and confirmed the possibility of successful functioning. However, after the installation of the lights as Dniprovskyi district, and “Kievgorsvet” didn’t want to take the new fittings on the balance but changed their minds, because the lighting has a 5-year guarantee from the manufacturer.

Earlier it was reported that in Kiev will be a touch lighting at crossings. On 163 sites in the capital lights replaced with modern LED lamps over 300 million. And recently, Vitali Klitschko showed off his new lighting the highway embankment.