Photo: the wreck of the Turkish vessel was carrying coal from IDLO under the Russian flag

Фото: затонувшее в Турции судно ранее перевозило уголь из ОРДЛО под российскими флагами

Cargo ship VOLGO-BALT 214 under the flag of Panama, January 7, was wrecked and sank off the Turkish coast, was carrying coal from the port of Azov (Russian Federation) to the port of Samsun (Turkey). This Russian port in the Rostov region is often used for illegal export of coal from part of the occupied Donbass in the ports of Turkey and other countries.

“Note that by the summer of 2017 were a ship under the Russian flag, replacing it for 2 months on the flag of the state Saint Kitts and Nevis, and further to August 2017 — the Panama flag”, — noted in the Ministry temporarily occupied territories and internally displaced persons (Mentat).

According to the monitoring systems for vessels VOLGO-BALT type “river-sea” of the accident when such weather conditions are predictable.

Recall, January 7, at the Northern coast of Turkey crashed ship Volgo Balt 214 carrying coal, killing four Ukrainians. Ukraine’s Ambassador to Turkey visited sailors in hospitals and reported that their lives are not in danger.