Photo: will fly by the Earth biggest for the year the asteroid

Фото: мимо Земли пролетит самый большой за год астероид

Фото: мимо Земли пролетит самый большой за год астероид

The earth is the biggest in 2019, the asteroid EA9, which will pass by our planet closer to the moon.

The asteroid, designated EA9, was discovered recently. It will pass by Earth at a distance of 0.80 distance to the moon/0,00204 astronomical units (305 179 km / 189629 miles), according to Techno.bigmir.

It is noted that the search engines noticed it to a critical approach to the Ground, which happens very rarely, on March 9 during an astronomical survey in the Observatory mount Lemmon (USA). Scientists have ranked it to asteroids Aten (asteroids that cross earth’s orbit on the inside). They assume that its diameter is from 17 to 37 m (55,7 — 121,3 ft). According to their calculations, he will fly past Earth at a speed of 5.37 km/s (relative to Earth) at 1:58 UTC (23:58 Kyiv time).

EA9 will be the ninth asteroid discovered since the beginning of the year, which will fly at a distance of less than 1 segment to the moon.

Previously, scientists called 7 ways how to stop the asteroid, which will help to avoid a possible asteroid collision with the Earth. It was also reported that the Earth is hurtling a huge asteroid in the shape of a skull.

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