Photos: beauty Queen of Eurasia went to prison for kidnapping businessman

 Фото: королева красоты Евразии попала в тюрьму за похищение бизнесмена

In Turkey was sent to prison a gang that kidnapped the businessman, then to extort him 240 thousand lire (a little over a million hryvnia). The investigation revealed that the businessman was lured into a trap “Queen of Eurasia 2016”, model Sibel Demiralp, the portal writes The Daily Star.

Reportedly, 25-year-old model met a man online, at that time she knew only his initials HF. After some chatting they decided to meet for Breakfast together.

 Фото: королева красоты Евразии попала в тюрьму за похищение бизнесмена

However, arriving at a businessman was ambushed, where he waited for five men. They beat up the owner and stripped to give him a Nude photo shoot. These are the images that they later started to blackmail him, demanding 240 thousand Turkish liras. The businessman paid to the kidnappers, and then went to the police. In the end, the gang managed to find, they were sentenced for obtaining money by force, kidnapping and crimes associated with credit cards.

Sibel Demiralp was also taken to court. She expressed regret that were involved in the incident, and broke down in tears in court. However, tears are not touched the judge, and she was sent to jail for 13 years.

We will remind, in Malaysia the Ukrainian woman was sentenced to life imprisonment for trafficking in cocaine. The Supreme court of Malaysia has pronounced a sentence 24-year-old Ukrainian woman, Claudia Lopatkina after three years ago, she was found guilty of trafficking in cocaine.