“Pirates of the Caribbean” without Depp can fall in rentals

«Пираты Карибского моря» без Деппа могут провалиться в прокате

That johnny Depp will not be starring in the new part of the franchise, it became known on December 22.

The lack of Jack Sparrow in the new “Pirates of the Caribbean” will save for Walt Disney $ 90 million. It is not known yet, whether will refuse at all from character the filmmakers, or invited for the role of Jack of another actor.

Journalists have not yet found out who can pretendovat for the role in the film, but I suspect that the creators of the film may lose in the future a lot more. Despite the fact that johnny Depp is expensive for their work, but that it provides mnogomillionnoi cash. The success of the film without his funny character is quite questionable. Critics warn that they may not go to a movie without Depp. However, perhaps the authors of the franchise there is another ACE in the hole.
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Earlier it was reported that the film Studio Walt Disney is going to restart pirates. The script for the new film is already written Paul wernick and Rhett Reese, best known for his work on “Dadula” writes Vladtime.