Place at the cinema!

Place au cinéma!

Place au cinéma!

in <em>Tenet</em> is Christopher Nolan, the film the most anticipated of the summer.


June 19, 2020

Updated on June 20, 2020 to 4h16


Place at the cinema!

Place au cinéma!

Place au cinéma!

Eric Moreault

The Sun

The big cinema season will be shortened significantly this summer. The closure of the halls for three months has pushed back the release of several blockbuster movies, sometimes until 2021 and even 2022! The return will be under strict rules related to the COVID-19, including limiting the template to a maximum of 50 people per performance — for larger rooms! The good news is that there will be films in the cinemas, but also in video-on-demand.

Things are going to start again slowly to the opening as the hollywood blockbusters will not be immediately available. At least, those that remain. The films of Marvel and DC Comics, for example, are seriously out of step. Notable Exception : The new mutants (28 August), the last feature film of the franchise, X-Men, with Maisie Williams (Arya Stark in game of thrones).

It was still some haze on the precise date of the opening of each film at the time of writing these lines, but this will be the end of June, beginning of July. The owners of the rooms must comply with the rules of the public health by restarting the machine and deal with the recall of employees. Some want to wait for the exhaustion of their benefits for PKU before returning to work — this is particularly the case in the cinemas of the Falls and the Lido Levis.

But before that, the operators are planning to present classics, including the quebec cinema; european films, principally French, are usually many of the displays in march, April and may, as well as films that had just come out when it was decreed the great confinement. But this offer risk to run out of steam quickly.

The recovery

This explains the fact that the Films Séville hurried to announce the release of Suspect number one, the first feature-length film in English to Daniel Roby with Antoine Olivier Pilon, with a considerable budget for a quebecois film. It will be presented on July 10, at the same time thatMad (Unhinged) with Russell Crowe in the skin of a madman of the steering wheel, which loses the pedals (no, it is not a remake of The mad (1993) with Michael Douglas, but it looks like…).

Place au cinéma!

Suspect number one, the first feature-length film in English to Daniel Roby with Antoine Olivier Pilon


Disney will set sail in the dance with the version in the actual pictures of Mulan (July 24). Another family film will follow with a new part of the adventures of spongebob squarepants : Sponge in troubled waters (7 August).

The feature that everyone is waiting for this summer will be there July 31 : Tenet. The studio has given in to the urgings of Christopher Nolan (The dark knight, Dunkirk…), a staunch defender of the cinema room. The director wanted to give a boost to farmers hard-hit by the pandemic of COVID-19.

Otherwise, it is rather thin : the comedy Made in Italy (August 7), the first film of the actor James D’arcy with Liam Neeson; the third part of the adventures of Bill and Ted, 29 years after the original, entitled Face the Music (August 14) with Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter, as well as Let Him Go (August 21) with Kevin Costner and Diane Lane who go to the rescue of their only grandson…

Place au cinéma!

Bill and Ted Face the Music with Alex Winter and Keanu Reeves.


All dates are of course subject to change depending on the evolution of the pandemic, in particular in the United States. Distributors in quebec will reveal their cards in the coming weeks. We know, however, that the French movie 100 kilos of stars will be presented from 3 July.

Otherwise, remains to see the reaction of movie-goers. Will they be happy to take advantage of the possibility of an outing to the cinema or will retain their habits of watching a movie in the comfort of their home?


The pandemic has given a serious boost to the video-on-demand (VOD or VOD, in English). Some of the films scheduled for broadcast in room are found directly online, Artemis Fowl Disney, for example.

But it is not only the giants of the VOD that have taken advantage of this unfortunate opportunity. Several distributors and cinemas have extended the range of outputs offered. They will likely their energies in the new room over the next few weeks.

The supply of feature films will therefore be scarce. The calendars are planned months, even years in advance. There will be Irresistible to Jon Stewart with Rose Byrne and Steve Carrell in the skin of two policy makers who will be available on VOD on June 26th.

On the side of Netflix, there is The Old Guard (10 July) adaptation of the COMIC of the same name with Charlize Theron, the big release of the summer of the giant of the webcast, and fatal Encounter (July 16).

Apple will rely instead on Greyhound (10 July) with Tom Hanks in the skin of a commander of a marine who leads a convoy of ships during the Second world War.

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