Place the short : The clown

Place au court : Le clown

Place au court : Le clown

Emmanuel Schwartz and Aliocha Schneider in <em>clown</em>, Maxime Genoese.


May 25, 2020

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Place the short : The clown

Place au court : Le clown

Place au court : Le clown

Eric Moreault

The Sun

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Maxime Genoese was destined to be a right, but there was this urge of the game that was bubbling in him. The auditions at the Conservatoire d’art dramatique de Montréal have finally convinced him. But with the vocation also came the fears and apprehensions. It has crystallized in directing her first short film : The clown.

In the latter, a training actor (Emmanuel Schwartz), who dreams of leading roles is bound to slip into the skin of a jester to complete his purposes for me. Until Coquetti the clown to be invited to a party where there are no children, but adulescents lingered…

Ardent cinephile, Maxime Genoese founded a cinema club during his studies at the Conservatoire and wrote the screenplay for his film with Nicolas Dionne-Simard. Shortly after, they have the chance to play in the Tartuffe by Denis Marleau at the TNM, in 2016, where the main role belongs to… Emmanuel Schwartz.

“It was not difficult to convince” the young actor explains in a telephone interview. Because The clown “is a celebration of our profession and those who practise it with courage”.

This shoot will have had an effect unexpected : an increasing interest for the staging. To the point where Maxime Genoese has co-directed a new short film, Slice of night, with Roman S. Dubois, on a script of Felix Poirier.

The team was participating in the Cannes film Festival, but the pandemic of the COVID-19 has changed their plans. Curious coincidence, the film features “people confined in a hotel room. It blends well with the current situation.” Indeed.

Slice night will be submitted to festivals soon. And it will benefit from the reputation of the Clown, who preceded him in several events.

Ultimately, fears of Maxime Genoese did not turn based. In addition to roles in theatre and on tv (future men, in particular), he has also starred in a few feature films, including Matthias & Maxime Xavier Dolan and The Barbarians of The Malbaie Vincent Biron.

Place the Clown.

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