“Plague” of the 21st century: a shocking statement by Merkel, quarantine in Ukraine and other details about the coronavirus

"Чума" 21 века: шокирующее заявление Меркель, карантин в Украине и другие подробности о коронавирусе

Chinese coronavirus continues to spread to new countries and infecting people in already disease-ridden. 11 March, Ukraine declared a strict quarantine, closed schools, kindergartens, a ban on public events, closed air communication with a number of countries. Also, the border is closed most crossing points. The quarantine will last from 12 March to 3 April. On the evening of March 11, the world health organization officially recognized the coronavirus pandemic. The head of the who Tedros Ghebreyesus called fear and misinformation the biggest problems that must be overcome.

“Apostrophe” sums up the day and tells all that is known. According to the latest data in the world today 118 582 people infected with a coronavirus, 4 262 people died.

Quarantine in Ukraine

The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine at a closed meeting of March 11, has decided about putting a nationwide quarantine due to the threat of the spread of coronavirus Covid-19. The government has allocated 100 million UAH for the purchase of goods for personal protection. On the eve of the restrictive measures imposed in Kiev. After the announcement of the quarantine, residents of the capital began to storm the stores, buying products in large quantities.

Under quarantine at the border closes 170 points. Of the 219 will remain 49, which is equipped places for quarantine. Stops traffic with Italy.

On the news about the quarantine in the country at the airport “Boryspil” landed the plane one of the passengers suspected coronavirus infection. The place was called a team of paramedics.

"Чума" 21 века: шокирующее заявление Меркель, карантин в Украине и другие подробности о коронавирусе

How are rapid tests

In the Kiev mayor’s office demonstrated the test to detect coronavirus, delivered from China. During the demonstration, the Deputy mayor of the capital Nikolai Povoroznik showed looks like a vial of test that should be added to the blood samples studied to obtain a quick result.

It is also known that in Ukraine in 8 regions sent a German test system.

“”, – stated in the Ministry of health.

What is happening in the regions

In luck the woman who recently came to Italy, went to the doctors with suspected infection. She was placed in a separate box and tests sent to Kiev and wait for results.

Another woman was hospitalized to Zaporozhye. Ukrainian woman with acute respiratory infection arrived from Italy. The woman turned to the point of healthcare at the station “Zaporozhye-1”. The last two weeks she was in Italy, when the woman denied that he had contact with the infected by the coronavirus in the country. Also under medical observation for a period of 14 days was placed the person who had contact with the woman. In areas where there was a woman, carried out disinfection measures.

In Kharkov from March 12 zakryvaya cinemas, theatres and the circus, sporting events are canceled. A mass rally will be held only if the number of participants does not exceed 60 people. Thus in schools, kindergartens and colleges educational process will continue.

In Transcarpathia , from 12 March to 3 April close schools, universities and kindergartens have cancelled all public events. All PPC in Transcarpathia is working normally. The decision to close the crossing points in the region have not yet received. From 12 March decree of the state administration will be limited to the cinema, other cultural and sport institutions.

In Chernivtsi on March 6 imposed quarantine until March 22 introduced in all schools, except nursery schools; prohibited the holding of mass events; public transport, railway stations, markets, supermarkets and all places of a mass congestion of people enhanced disinfection measures.

World statistics

The number of cases of coronavirus in Italy rose to 12 462 has already killed 827 people. Per day +2313 infected and 196 deaths. In particular, it is known that he died Chairman of the Union of physicians of the province of Varese, Roberto Stell. The mortality rate in the country increased to 6.6%, yesterday was 6.2%, yesterday’s 5.0%.

Iraq closes land border with Iran and Kuwait.

Power of States to classify follow-up meeting on the coronavirus. According to Reuters, Donald trump is considering the introduction of a nationwide state of emergency.

8 new cases of coronavirus recorded in days in Russia: 6 patients in Moscow, 2 in the Moscow region. The number of registered in Russia disease coronavirus has increased by 8 to 28 for the last day.

In the Chinese city of Wuhan has closed all 16 of the provisional hospitals, where they placed infected. The last two hospitals closed on Tuesday, March 10, the last batch of the 49 people was released from the hospital at 15:30 local time. A member of the Chinese Academy of engineering Zhang Pain stressed that the closure of the temporary hospitals testifies to the decline of the epidemic in the city that is the epicenter of the spread of coronavirus. In General, all the hospitals received more than 13 000 patients, they have proved their efficiency and coped with the task.

A loud statement Merkel

German Chancellor Angela Merkel declared that in Germany up to 70% of the population may be infected with the coronavirus: “”.

According to Merkel, leading experts of Europe should focus on slowing the spread of the virus: “”.

The statement by Merkel came after the popular German newspaper Bild has called the situation in the country “coronados”.

The first death in Bulgaria, Sweden and Ireland

The first fatal case of coronavirus recorded in Stockholm. The patient died in the hospital of Karolinska University in Huddinge. The patient was elderly. Another infected with the coronavirus and is in intensive care.

In Bulgaria the first death from the coronavirus was recorded in Sofia. The patient was 66-year-old woman. She was taken to the hospital with severe respiratory failure. The treatment of her 77-year-old husband continues his condition remains serious.

In Ireland was the first death from the coronavirus. The details are not given. The health Ministry of the country stated that all measures in order to stop transmission of the virus from one person to another. Currently, the country is aware of 34 cases of infection.


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