Plus belle la vie : Abdel soon in couple with Ariane ? The startling revelations of Lola Marois

Plus belle la vie : Abdel bient?t en couple avec Ariane ? Les r?v?lations surprenantes de Lola Marois

The next few days promise to be well complicated for Ariane in a More beautiful life… But his character could quickly resume the hair of the beast in the arms of Abdel !

During the bonus issued on the 15 January at 21h on France 3, Jean-Paul will definitely be his choice between Ariane and Samia, after a year of doubts in a More beautiful life. And unfortunately for the blonde arsonist, he is with his ex-wife that the police officer will decide to make his life… Well, things will not be so easy, since one should not see John-Paul and Samia cooing soon in the next few weeks. However, Ariane is going to greatly suffer this separation, and also its distance with the small Lucy. But the writers of Plus belle la vie will not leave them at the bottom of the hole for a very long time, and may even develop a new romance, if we are to believe the revelations of Lola Marois, the interpreter of Ariadne !

In interview to Tv Entertainment, the actress said : “In the scenarios that I get, Ariane starts to regain the hair of the beast… I think she will first need to rebuild. Then, I find it very funny that she falls in love with a person that she would hate and she would never love him. I would see well with someone like Abdel, who represents everything she hates, she denigrates regularly and that she speaks badly about.” So yes, if this is for the time being only a hypothesis, the writers of the series could well listen to the desires of Lola Marois ! We have already seen that many couples are unlikely to form, so it would be rather willing to see Ariane and Abdel-all, non ? In the meantime the next few weeks, you can discover the double life of Gabriel, who hides a huge secret to Thomas in a More beautiful life !