Plus belle la vie : After the plane crash, Ash is he really dead ? The whole truth on this story in link with Mathilde ! (SPOILERS)

Plus belle la vie : Après le crash d'avion, Sacha est-il vraiment mort ? Toute la vérité sur cette histoire en lien avec Mathilde ! (SPOILERS)

Sacha is he really died in the plane crash that has just announced the last episode of Plus belle la vie ? We will reveal to you the whole truth on this story in link with Mathilde

While the next few weeks the More beautiful life will focus on the dark past of Jean-Paul and the old demons of Abdel, the series comes to surprise everyone by offering a unexpected twist to the story of Sacha Malkavian. Party in the Emirates, in the company of Paul Simonian and his son Anton, the plane in which they were has disappeared from the radar. Even worse, debris from the carcass have been found… which in turn, suggests that there is a plane crash, and that Ash is DEAD ! A new well painful for Luna and Seta, that will change for sure their future. But the series of France 3 won we would have not made a new joke ? And if Sacha was in fact not died ? It reveals to you the truth on this matter, but pay attention to the (very) big SPOILERS !

Actually, More beautiful life was-once again-to believe in the death of one of its characters, whereas this is not true… Ash has simulated his death to be able to live fully in his love story with Mathilde. Finally, with a Victory ! And yes, this was ultimately not a simple look-alike. Mathilde is a beautiful and well Victory, the young woman is not who died a few years ago in the series… now the question is how these two were able to orchestrate their big lie, and especially, how the story will end. We really hope that More beautiful the life is not completed no this survey without any clarification, as it sometimes tends to do (the burning of the hospital, the death of Stan…). And the worst part of it is that Luna will understand the betrayal extreme of Sacha and will be devastated ! Always about a More beautiful life, discover the identity of the man with that White is going to live an adventure in the next few days.