Plus belle la vie : Anne embraces Patrick, Babeth is getting closer to the doctor Kaplan… What will happen next week ? (SPOILERS)

Plus belle la vie : Anne embrasse Patrick, Babeth se rapproche du docteur Kaplan... Que va-t-il se passer la semaine prochaine ? (SPOILERS)

Next week promises to be once again loaded in a More beautiful life… We show you everything on this that you reserve the next plots

As you can see this week in the Most beautiful life, Babeth and Patrick are at the edge of the break. And the next episodes of the series are not going to fix things, far from it. Already, Anne will get closer to even more of Patrick, until the kiss ! The latter, blinded by his colleague, forsake them completely Babeth, which will eventually find comfort with dr. Kaplan. These two might even do the unthinkable, by passing to the serious things. The divorce is close to Babeth and Patrick ? It has all the air ! The next week, Charles Frémont will also make its return in the series. Incarcerated in the prison des Baumettes, there will be hospitalized after a suicide attempt. The father of Céline may, however, count on the support of a person unexpectedly…

In the continuation of a More beautiful life, Theo will be turned upside-down by a woman of his entourage… The teenager will, little by little, fall in love with his mother-in-law, Coralie ! If he will not say anything, the maths teacher may well realize. But how Clement will react to you in the news ? Fortunately, we can rely on those moments of light with Claude Rochat and his phobia of water (still and always), but also with Kevin, who will leave for his training as a security officer of the police. You will have understood, the next episodes of a More beautiful life ahead filled with twists and turns ! We’ll see you next Monday at 20: 20 on France 3.