Plus belle la vie : Jean-Paul in danger of death, Abdel found his dark side… What awaits you in the next few weeks ! (SPOILERS)

Plus belle la vie : Jean-Paul en danger de mort, Abdel retrouve son côté sombre... Ce qui vous attend dans les prochaines semaines ! (SPOILERS)

Want a bit of spoilers about the result of a More beautiful life ? You unveiled what you can expect in the next few weeks, and it’s not going to be any rest

Each week, a lot of intrigue and sentences in a More beautiful life. At this moment, Matilda is turn the head of Ash, while Coralie pray that He stays alive… But that’s not all ! The next few days promise to be even well full-bodied at the Mistral. While Jean-Paul will soon be overtaken by his dark past into a More beautiful life, the police officer will eventually be in danger of death… according To Star News, Mathias, the brother of Lola, a young woman who lived a love story with Jean-Paul a few years ago, will escape from prison and wanting to avenge the death of his sister, in which he holds the police responsible. You should see this plot to its climax during the next prime exceptional of the series, released in January 2019 on France 3. But that’s not all !

In the coming episodes of Plus belle la vie, one will also find the character of Abdel. And if it was thought that the lawyer had calmed down since the crazy case of Libérati and the false death of Patrick Nebout, there would be nothing… according to Star News, this is the young man who will allow Mathias to escape from prison ! But then, this is Abdel who will put the life of Jean-Paul in danger, indirectly ? It is quite possible. Remains to be seen how this story will end… In parallel, the next episodes of the series will unveil as the future of the couple of White & Franck. If the two former turn around on an app dating, the flame should not, however, be revived between these two. However, parents of Noah, might consider a roommate, as crazy as it may seem ! While waiting to discover this soon on France 3, you can test your knowledge on the latest episodes of Plus belle la vie.