Plus belle la vie : Jean-Paul is going to definitely make a choice between Ariane and Samia, we have the answer ! (SPOILERS)

Plus belle la vie : Jean-Paul va définitivement faire un choix entre Ariane et Samia, on a la réponse ! (SPOILERS)

There it is, the long-awaited moment has arrived… After more than a year of intrigue, Jean-Paul is going to finally make a definitive choice between his love for Ariadne and Samia. Here is the answer

On January 15, next one will be a prime exceptional of a More beautiful life. If on the one hand, we have the right to a plot around Gabriel & Thomas, on the other, we will discover the outcome of the story with Mathias and the brothers Cortez. Precisely, during the premiere night, John Paul would definitely be to make a choice between Ariane and Samia. After being lost for nearly a year in its feelings, it is time for bobby to face the truth. Ariane will discover that John Paul is having an affair for months with his ex-wife Samia, and will not bear this truth. It decides therefore to leave it, which will break the heart, all the while knowing that it will be moving away from the little Lucie, with whom she has built strong links.

And then, Jean Paul will realize that he is definitely a lover of Samia, as revealed by his interpreter, Stéphane Hénon in Tv Entertainment : “Like many men, Boher is a little loose. He didn’t want to hurt Julia, he also loves. After a brush with death, it is said, however, that he has no more time to lose, he can’t move to the side of his life. So what if it hurts : the woman he loves from the bottom of my heart, this is Samia.” However, do not rejoice all soon, the return of the mythical couple of More beautiful the life is apparently not planned for now… As Samia will not really want to plunge back into a routine with Jean-Paul. A few days (or even weeks) of celibacy to expect the police officer ! And after the award of 15 January, other plots will animate the evenings Most beautiful life, between SPOILER handicapped(e) as well as the return of Ash and Victory.