Plus belle la vie : SPOILERS will commit the irreparable and lead to a possible death in the coming episodes !

Plus belle la vie : SPOILERS vont commettre l'irréparable et entrainer une possible mort dans les prochains épisodes !

It had to happen… Two characters of a More beautiful life will commit the irreparable in the coming episodes. But this event could lead to a death at the Mistral

The upcoming episodes of Plus belle la vie promise to be very busy with the arrival of Matilda, the double Victory. And if it is going to upset the balance of the couple of Ash and Luna, this is not about them that is our focus today… But on Coralie and Theo ! In the upcoming episodes of the series, the teenager will once again attempt to drown his sorrows in alcohol, to forget the rejection of his mother-in-law. The problem is that Coralie, troubled by the confusions of Theo going to end up losing control… And the two will do the unthinkable by sleeping together ! As you can imagine, this act will lead to an upheaval of gigantic within the family Bommel in the rest of the series.

In the coming episodes of Plus belle la vie, Coralie is going to have to announce to Clement that she has cheated with his own son. But at the same time, Theo will be hospitalized due to severe discomfort. The doctors will discuss her case, especially Gabriel. The latter will announce to the family Bommel that the prognosis for Theo will be hired. But in doing the research, he will discover that the teen is suffering from an emotional shock severe because of a love story is painful. Theo, will he then die ? If the next weeks will be much complicated for him, he should still get out of it. One thing is for sure, this story bousculera forever the life of Clement, Anthony, Coralie and Theo. In the meantime to find out more on the small screen, you can test your knowledge on the latest episodes of Plus belle la vie.