Plus belle la vie : The approximation of Hugo & Theresa and Leah & Camille, the hospitalization of Delphine… Did you follow the week on France 3 ?

Plus belle la vie : Le rapprochement de Hugo & Thérèse et Léa & Camille, l'hospitalisation de Delphine... As-tu bien suivi la semaine sur France 3 ?

Published 2 days Published on 4 August 2018 16:00:02Ecrit by Laurine P.

Have you followed the episodes of Plus belle la vie this week ? It is time for you to discover it by answering this quiz.

1. Where Camille and Léa kiss-she for the first time ?

  • has


  • b

    Chez Camille

  • c

    At Lea

  • d

    At the hospital

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