Plus belle la vie : The series reveals secret messages of Christopher Ford to help you find his killer !

Plus belle la vie : La série dévoile des messages secrets de Christophe Ford pour vous aider à trouver son assassin !

The doubt is still hovering on the identity of the murderer of Christopher Ford in a More beautiful life… But the series has just been put at the disposal of secret messages with larger indices

It’s the plot that attracts the entire world at this time in a More beautiful life : Who has been able to kill Christopher Ford ? The series develops a new concept and allows all the viewers to conduct their own investigation. For the moment, we do not know the identity of the culprit, and there’s only one thing we are certain : The director of Green Tech France has indeed been murdered, pushed from the roof of the business. But who did it ? Several names turn. If we have already covered the tracks of Caesar, Emma and Celine, is it really one of these three people ? It was still a lot of doubts. Yet, the More beautiful life comes to unveil the secret messages of Christopher Ford, addressed to a number of individuals.

First, we hear Christopher Ford call Celine. Would it be a crime of passion ? We do not believe in too much. Second, the director speaks surely to Emma, making him the blackmail on his past as an escort. Third, it discusses the manipulation of financial, surely with Paul, the accounting officer of GTS. Then, in the fourth, he gives appointment to someone at the notary, which seems to be Caesar. But in the last, Christopher Ford is very high and going so far as to say : “Stop calling me, c*nnard”. OOCH ! Is it of his murderer ? The raven ? What is your hypothesis to you ? In any case, new elements on the survey will be unveiled on Monday at 20: 30 on France 3. And in the meantime, you can test your knowledge on the latest episodes of Plus belle la vie.

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