Plus belle la vie : Thérèse in agony, and Jerome beat up… What will happen next week ? (SPOILERS)

Plus belle la vie : Thérèse à l'agonie, Jérôme tabassé... Que va-t-il se passer la semaine prochaine ? (SPOILERS)

It is time to discover what you reserve the upcoming episodes of Plus belle la vie. But beware of spoilers !

You’ve seen this week in ” Plus belle la vie, Theresa and Gabriel were trapped in full hiking. In the end, someone has led them on the wrong path so they fall into a chasm… And this is Judith, the mother of a former patient of Gabriel, who died, who wanted to take revenge and kill the doctor ! The next week, Thomas and Baptist will start their search, and eventually will believe that he is Jordan, the teenager than the father of Mathis had met in the home alongside his sister. It will be even placed in police custody ! But the mask of Judith would end up falling ?! In any event, Therese will be in agony and risk of dying in the coming episodes. Hope that relief arrives in time to save her.

The next week in a More beautiful life, the plot around Kevin, Jenny and Sydney will also continue. If the young police officer will do anything to stop it, his father Jerome will be really scared of the risks incurred by his son. Then he decides to confront Syd, who is going to get beaten up ! Unless it is a new premonitory dream of Jerome ? In parallel, Luna could always count on the support of his friends and Mouss in the rehabilitation centre. It crosses a new big step in his recovery, and will demonstrate a solid moral. In the meantime to find brand new episodes of the series on Monday at 20: 20 on France 3, know that the war will start soon between Samia and Ariane in a More beautiful life.