Plus belle la vie : White ready to meet new people, she is going to live an adventure with SPOILER !

Plus belle la vie : Blanche prête à faire de nouvelles rencontres, elle va vivre une aventure avec SPOILER !

While there, we didn’t see that coming ! In the coming episodes of Plus belle la vie, White is going to have a relationship with SPOILER, and it’s going to stir in the neighbourhood of the Mistral

While the next few episodes of Plus belle la vie will focus on the past of Jean-Paul and the return of the dark side of Abdel, the series will not forget to give us a few plots lighter. You have discovered a few days ago already, Franck and White are registered on a dating site, Love Connected. The two former have even discussed all the current and going pretty well between them, in a virtual way. However, it is not sure that the parents of Noah get back together in the next few weeks… all the more that in the coming episodes, a White will take a good time for it, in a true liberated woman and fulfilled life. She goes to bed with someone totally unexpected !

Honestly, we would never have imagined it possible in a More beautiful life. But White will spend a moment scorching in the company of… Jimmy Moon ! Yes yes, you read that right, the guy from the reality tv show, the QI low-and ex-boyfriend of Sabrina. As crazy as it may seem, the two adults will spend a very good time together. But things get off the net when Blanche finally realizes that Jimmy Moon is one of his former students ! The problem is that the latter risk to be dazzled by the chemistry between them… And it could well become totally addicted to White. This story promises to be, in any case, epic moments and funny in the days to come. In the meantime to find out more, you can always test your knowledge on the latest episodes of Plus belle la vie.