Plus belle la vie : Who is this mysterious woman on the photo of Jean-Paul ? Our theories

Plus belle la vie : Qui est cette mystérieuse femme sur la photo de Jean-Paul ? Nos théories

But that may well be the woman on the photo, unveiled by Jean-Paul in a More beautiful life ? There has already been a few theories on this new storyline

You come to see it in More beautiful life, Coralie and Theo have committed the irreparable in the sunset together. Obviously, this plot, there are still many moments complicated for the family Bommel. And if it is THE subject that fascinates the whole world at this time, there’s going to be a lot of other actions in the coming weeks. The proof, a plane crash will soon be held in a More beautiful life ! And then, if there has been a little quiet this episode with all these events, your attention may be brought to Jean-Paul, and the photo is mysterious, it has pulled out of his pocket. There was a young woman, and the police officer really has the air affected by looking at the photo. But then, who is this ? Behind this new plot ? We already have a few ideas about it…

Plus belle la vie : Qui est cette mystérieuse femme sur la photo de Jean-Paul ? Nos théories

Who is this young woman ?
His hidden daughter ?

The woman in the picture seems to be still very young… She could be a high school student. And considering that John Paul must have been about 40 years, it would hold the road. And if it was his daughter, after a previous union, before Samia ? But all of a sudden, Jean-Paul is out with Ariane before Samia… So this still would be a little more in the past, who knows ?

A new survey ?

Let’s not forget that Jean-Paul is a police officer. The idea of a new survey coming out in the next few weeks could hold the road. All the more that since the great case of Patrick Nebout & Abdel for stuck brothers Libérati, there has not been very large plots within the police in a More beautiful life.

A love story ?

Finally, the third theory possible, this young woman would be the new mistress of Jean-Paul. But in reality, it was a little hard to believe. Given that it deceives already Ariane with Samia, why add a third woman to this story complicated ? In any case, we should know more on this storyline in the weeks to come, and surely in the premium Plus belle la vie released in January 2019 on France 3 !