Poland refuses from Russian gas in favor of the us, because it is cheaper

							Польша отказывается от российского газа в пользу американского, потому что дешевле

Polish oil and gas company (PGNiG) is planning to conclude before the end of 2018 two contracts for the purchase of American liquefied natural gas. Even given its transport across half the planet, it will be cheaper gas from Gazprom.

This was announced by Vice-President of the PGNiG Maciej Wozniak, reports “Polish radio”. Only two U.S. terminals will be purchased to the equivalent of 5.5 billion cubic meters of gas. Despite the cost of transportation and regasification, the gas is much cheaper than the Russian.

I’m talking about the cost of transportation to Poland, that is, gas, transport, unloading is the raw materials will be cheaper than that now Poland offers “Gazprom”, Russian gas is relatively competitive

— Maciej Wozniak,

Vice-President of the PGNiG

Recall, after the construction of the LNG terminal, Poland has announced its intention to diversify sources of supply and began to buy natural gas in Qatar.