Poland will create an artificial island near the coast of Russia

Польша создаст искусственный остров вблизи побережья России

Польша создаст искусственный остров вблизи побережья России

Republic of Poland intends to build an artificial island in the Vistula (Kaliningrad) lagoon.

The island will be created in the Polish territorial waters. For its construction will be used the soil which will appear during the construction of a ship canal through Vislinsky (Baltic) braid, transfers “Interfax-Ukraine”.

Area artificial island will be about 181 hectares. The channel through the spit to be built in the settlement of the New world, where is the narrowest place of the sandy Peninsula. It will connect the Baltic sea with Kaliningrad Bay and to ensure that large vessels in the port of Elblag. The construction cost is 880 million PLN.

In Poland claim that the canal will increase shipping under flags of EU countries in the Gulf, bypassing the territorial waters of Russia. Warsaw is unhappy, what is now the Bay is only open for ships under the Polish flag. Today to get to the Bay is possible only through the Russian port of Baltiysk, which is problematic due to complex and lengthy procedures.

As reported, Russia has deployed in the Kaliningrad region complexes electronic warfare “Samarkand”.

In addition, Russia has reactivated a storage facility for nuclear weapons at Kaliningrad. Russia is also modernizing and building new nuclear bunkers in the Kaliningrad region.