Political analyst Bohdan Yaremenko: the warehouse explosion near Ichnya did not provide Thomas

							Политический эксперт Богдан Яременко: взрывы складов около Ични не связаны с предоставлением томоса

Explosions in artillery warehouses in Chernihiv region can be the result of a Russian sabotage and negligence, however all such incidents testify to the authorities ‘ inability to control the situation in the Armed forces of Ukraine. This is in exclusive comments the online edition of UA.News said the Chairman of the Board of the Foundation “Maidan zakordonnih Ref” Bohdan Yaremenko.

The expert sees two likely causes of the fire and further explosions at military depots near Ichnya: diversion and sabotage or negligence. He is convinced that to explain all the root causes of this incident have special Commission of inquiry and “it is desirable that this information was the most public and authentic”. At the same time, he drew attention to the fact that over the last three years this is not the first similar case, and the government traditionally tries to write off the blame for the diversion of the aggressor.

							Политический эксперт Богдан Яременко: взрывы складов около Ични не связаны с предоставлением томоса

Bohdan Yaremenko

Chairman of the Board of the Foundation “Maidan zakordonnih Ref””

“In 2015 this is the fifth case of explosions in artillery warehouses and its just like all previous ones, trying to cover up the interference and sabotage of Russia’s actions. This suggests that the leadership of the Armed forces, we are not on the ground that it could not provide reliable defense of the military installations of the country. Surprising is the fact that other strategic assets – government officials, public authorities, strategic infrastructure, is not subject to attack as often. For some reason this only happens with the military locations that are used by the Armed forces, which casts doubt on versions of exclusively Russian intervention, the impact of any attack”

Bohdan Yaremenko also connects current explosions near Ichnya with the beginning of the meeting of the Synod of the Ecumenical Patriarchate on the autocephaly of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church. The expert reminded that the previous incidents also marvelous way coincided with various anniversaries and the authorities used this factor to remove themselves from liability for any mismanagement of the army.

“Every such incident that has happened in previous years, coincided with many events. This incident, in particular, coincided with the beginning of the international aviation exercises “clear sky-2018” with participation of NATO countries, as it coincides with the Holy feast of the day of Defender of the Fatherland. In any of these situations, you can always look for some symbolism, but this does not diminish the practical question behind this: “When at last the APU and the Supreme commander will be able to bring the situation under control?” The answer to this question we have over 4.5 years of war. And it’s depressing”

— Bohdan Yaremenko,

Chairman of the Board of the Foundation “Maidan zakordonnih Ref”

The analyst also believes that in addition to military warehouses, under constant risk of attack of the aggressor country are public authorities, control centers, as well as objects of military logistics and infrastructure, particularly railway bridges.

We will remind, in the night of Tuesday, October 9, at military depots near Friendship village, Ichnya district, Chernihiv region there was a fire followed by detonation of ammunition. Emergency services evacuated from the danger zone of 10 thousand people. The security service of Ukraine work out the story about possible sabotage.

Meanwhile it became known that in the past year on these irregularities were detected ammunition storage and protection system.