Political analyst Sergei Taran: the protests of “yellow jackets” can have unpleasant consequences for France, and Ukraine

Политолог Сергей Таран: протесты «желтых жилетов» могут иметь неприятные последствия как для Франции, так и для Украины

Protests of the “yellow jackets” in Paris forced the French authorities to engage in domestic socio-economic problems, not to defend European ideological values of freedom and democracy in the aspect of confrontation of Ukraine with Russia. This is in exclusive comments the online edition of UA.News said the scientist, Director of the International Institute of democracy Sergey Taran.

According to experts, the current protests of “yellow jackets” is one example of a part of the political culture of France, where it has long been very fashionable and popular to hold a meeting for those or other social values. As an example, the analyst cited the resignation of French President Charles de Gaulle, which occurred due to the long mass street protests.

He recalled that similar protests are not always ended well for the French economy and society, because we have not ideological, but purely social basis. He also added that the country’s current unrest are a huge challenge, because on the one hand, should meet the demands of the protesters, and on the other to achieve economic growth.

Serhiy Taran also compared current requirements “yellow jackets” with the European businessmen that require the lifting of sanctions from Russia. According to him, is “the same vision of France as a country which engaged in populist actions, not the development of security and democracy in the world and Europe”.

In addition, the analyst believes the current protests disadvantageous for Ukraine due to the lack of ideological component.

Политолог Сергей Таран: протесты «желтых жилетов» могут иметь неприятные последствия как для Франции, так и для Украины

Sergey Taran

the analyst

“For Ukraine, the most profitable scenario if Europe will take the protests to develop an ideological movement and political action to fight for freedom, democracy, human rights and other things that are the ideological basis of the European Union. If Europe picks up the pace of the movement and the protests that will be put forward social demands and will focus on social and economic issues, it is unprofitable to Ukraine. In this case the EU starts to deal exclusively with their internal problems, it will be difficult to find a common language with official Kiev. The Ukraine situation is, when Europe is talking about values, not “sausage.” In this case, with the Europeans is easier to negotiate, because we speak “the same language””

At the same time, the expert is convinced that the stock “yellow jackets” in France today uses Russia, and other countries, and they will do so in the future.

“I am convinced that the Russian Federation will try to “throw wood” in the fire and intervene in the current protests in France, as well as at the time she intervened in the us elections and elections in other EU countries, as well as plans to intervene in the Ukrainian elections. The Kremlin is not kindle, and uses the protests of “yellow jackets” — I doubt that Moscow is capable of organizing such large-scale events and movements. However, I have no doubt that Russian secret services used, and will use such large-scale protests in other countries of Europe. Examples of such policy of the Kremlin we have already seen in other European countries and even in USA”

— Sergey Taran,

the analyst

We will remind, on November 17 in France began to protest the so-called “yellow jackets” due to the increase in fuel prices. On the streets of major cities in the country, out of about 280 thousand people. Except for rallies, demonstrators blocked roads, gas stations, store, fuel and shopping centers.

Since then, the protests did not stop, reaching a peak during the weekend. Over the weekend the event was attended by 125 thousand people, 1385, was detained. In Paris, protesters damaged the arch for tourists has been closed to Eiffel tower. The government did not rule out the introduction of a state of emergency.

Interior Minister Christoph Kastner stated that the responsibility for the collision in Paris is on the French far-right leader marine Le Pen. French Finance Minister Bruno Le Mayor noted that the destruction of the protesters of the Paris shops, has provoked an economic catastrophe.

On December 8 during the campaign, two Frenchmen launched in Paris, the flag of the terrorist organization “DNR”. The security Service of Ukraine said that the organization of the riots in France involved in special services of Russia and that they expect similar provocations in Belgium, Germany, Spain, Bulgaria and other European countries. The intelligence Agency also noted that in recent years, the Kremlin is trying to take control of the European radical socio-political structure.