Popular Ukrainian band announced the breakup

Популярная украинская группа объявила о распаде

Young but managed to become quite a popular Ukrainian band the Erised, which was a finalist of the National selection for Eurovision in 2018, announced the breakup. Sad for fans of the team news they shared on his page in social network Facebook.

What was the reason for this decision, the artists did not explain, just thanked the fans for their support.

“the history of The Erised came to an end…
thanks to everyone who was with us! this is the end of the story…” reads the inscription.

Fans of the team were shocked by such news, but wished them well in their future life and work.

“Nice bright project! Good luck to all and find themselves in a new creative quest!”, “I wish you were one of the best in Ukraine”, “Very sorry, very interesting music project”, “Duzhe Skoda ((((“”That well, why?” “Sorrow, that is in fact the conflict (which briefly boiled to you), and marked the end of…”, “Why? why? because the cool group! I have in the playlist to play your songs!!!” — write followers in the comments to the post.

The musicians believe that “do not have to sing in Ukrainian, to let everyone know that a group of Ukrainian”.

Initially the team consisted of four people — Sonya Sukhorukova (vocals), Daniel Marin (keyboard), Alexander Lyulyakin (drums) and Igor Kirilenko (guitar). However, later in the group had a conflict and Igor Kirilenko left, RBC-Ukraine online reports.