Possible case of COVID-19 to the national Assembly : no test for Legault

Possible cas de COVID-19 à l'Assemblée nationale : pas de test pour Legault

Possible cas de COVID-19 à l'Assemblée nationale : pas de test pour Legault

An employee of the parliamentary wing of the liberal Party of Quebec (PLQ) has felt symptoms of the COVID-19 and will be tested.


June 23, 2020 11h18

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Possible case of COVID-19 to the national Assembly : no test for Legault


The Canadian Press

QUEBEC — prime minister François Legault would not go get tested for the COVID-19, even if an employee of the Quebec liberal Party (QLP) who work in the national Assembly, has possibly contracted the disease.

Reacting to point blank on Tuesday, the press secretary of the prime minister, Ewan Saved, noted that Mr. Legault was “in great shape” and didn’t feel the need to go and get tested.

It has never been tested, unlike its counterpart in ontario Doug Ford, who has obtained the June 11, a negative result to a test screening of the COVID-19.

“Mr. Legault […] does not feel any symptoms,” said Mr. Bounds, adding that the head of the government of québec, in compliance with all of the health measures : wearing of masks, social distancing, and frequent hand washing.

However, the Parti québécois (PQ), the set was quickly given to “all members of the team” who were able to be in the vicinity of the researcher in question to go and get tested as soon as possible.

Mr. Legault, several of his ministers, journalists and employees of the national Assembly were gathered in the red Room of the national Assembly on Monday for the announcement of the cabinet reshuffle.

At the same time, the members of the Committee on transportation and the environment (CTE) were members of the blue Room to discuss the project of law 44 on the green Fund.

“Yesterday, Mr. Legault did not go to the blue Room. When he moved to the national Assembly, he wore a mask,” said his press secretary.

Work on break

The news of a possible case of COVID-19 has caused the surprise in parliament on Tuesday.

Elected officials have learned that the researcher liberal attached to this commission had felt symptoms of the coronavirus and was going to take the test.

The study of the project of law 44 was cancelled for the day.

The president of the CTE, Agnès Grondin, said on Tuesday that it postponed the work until Thursday, as a precautionary measure, “given the agreement that was made between the leaders”.

Earlier, the QLP had quickly informed the other parties of the state of health of his employee.

“The researcher at the PL44 would have had symptoms this morning, she will pass the test COVID”, wrote in an e-mail Anik Montminy, director of the office of the house leader of the official opposition.

“I don’t know more at this time. Members who have envelopes have respected the rules of estrangement, but we don’t want to take any chances, some of them are older (by Mr. Birnbaum and Mr. Leitao)”, she added.

Later, the national Assembly has confirmed that the person was waiting for the result of the test.

“It applies all the instructions to follow for the person waiting for a test or the result of a test for the COVID-19,” said the spokesman of the Assembly, Julie Champagne.

It has assured that the Assembly had immediately informed the department of public health. A list of the people with whom the person has been in close contact has been established in order to facilitate the investigation, she said.

Charette not in “direct contact”

In order to be sure of the procedure, the office of the prime minister is said to have contacted the national Director of public health, Horacio Arruda.

“We conducted checks with the Dr Arruda, who tells us that in a survey of public Health will be conducted for the researcher of the liberal Party if it obtains a positive result,” said Dr. Bounds.

“If this investigation takes place, public Health will determine which people were in direct contact and frequent with it without complying with the hygiene measures.”

According to Mr. Bounds, the minister of the Environment, Benoit Charette, the members of the government and the employees of the ministry of Environment and the office of the whip were all at a distance of more than two meters of the researcher. “There has therefore been no direct contact.”

He asserts, however, that the government will monitor the situation “closely” and will meet “all the advice that the public Health will recommend at the end of the investigation, if it is to take place”.

The press secretary of the prime minister conveys its wishes for a speedy recovery to the researcher of the liberal party. “We hope that the employee of the liberal Party is doing well and that her test come back negative”, he said.

Tuesday morning, the spokesperson of Québec solidaire health, Sol Zanetti, has not thought it wise to cancel his press briefing at the national Assembly.

“If the Assembly was held, with the information that they have, that it was necessary to cancel press briefings, of course, he would have done,” he said in a telephone interview.

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