Possible contamination of two departments of the hospital of Chicoutimi by a nurse

Possible contamination de deux départements de l'hôpital de Chicoutimi par une infirmière

April 23, 2020 7: 45 am

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Possible contamination of two departments of the hospital of Chicoutimi by a nurse

Possible contamination de deux départements de l'hôpital de Chicoutimi par une infirmière

Louis Tremblay

The Daily


The CIUSSS of the Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean has not complied with the instructions by the ministry and now faces a possible contamination of the departments of pneumology and neurology of the hospital de Chicoutimi. A nurse who has made a work shift in a CHSLD of the Hill, now reaching the COVID-19, has worked in these services so that it does not show any symptoms of the disease.

The scenario of this chain of contamination is strangely similar to the one who gave birth to the outbreak at the CHSLD of the Hill in the beginning of the month of April. An asymptomatic individual, has been circulating in the CHSLD and spread the virus without knowing it, with the result that we know today.

The president of the FIQ in the Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean, Julie Bouchard, explained the scenario. The young nurse took the first shift last Friday at the CHSLD of the Hill where she was infected. It has been moved to the department of pneumology and neurology of the hospital of Chicoutimi to the days of Saturday and Sunday.

According to the president, the nurse has informed the service of replacement of the hospital (she is a member of the flying crew) of his situation. He has, nevertheless, stated that it had to return to work at the hospital on Saturday and Sunday.

On its page Facebook, the nurse was required to rectify the facts. It has therefore indicated that it felt no symptom of the disease before Sunday evening. She has passed a test that confirmed that she had actually been infected and will have to shelve the work for a certain period of time.

The case of this nurse, does that add to a number of situations revealed by the media in the region, which included assignments at the CHSLD of the Hill, despite the high level of contamination and then be told to work in another place.

This was the case with a care attendant who had been dispatched last Thursday, with the obligation to make his two quarters of work regular at the hospital of The Bay Saturday and Sunday. Another clerk was actually a quarter of the Hill before being assigned as soon as the next day in oncology at the hospital of Chicoutimi.

The president of the FIQ regional deplores the fact obviously the way in which is applied the reference department. This situation would cause even the withdrawal of a significant number of caregivers, so that everyone is doing the hands and feet to find the necessary resources to replace the staff at the CHSLD of the Hill that falls like flies.

In the balance sheet daily on Thursday, the public Health confirms the contamination of 4 other staff members, to 52 cases in addition to 46 residents. It is necessary to 122 caregivers (nurses, nursing assistants and clerks) to serve the residents of the Hill. Nearly 50% of the staff was contaminated. This means that a healthy person who enters the CHSLD has almost 50 % chance to infect.

This case jumps in face of the direction of the CIUSSS while already since a week, the FIQ is of the feet and hands to integrate the therapists to health care teams in order to help limit such movements between sites. According to Julie Bouchard, there are 70 therapists for part-time CIUSSS. You can easily, according to her, in recruit close to 30 to assign the teams, and some have even contacted the union to work at the CHSLD of the Hill.

“It is a historical and cultural, the director of nursing and the Management of services, “multi” are thinking. You could explain to me why respiratory therapists of Québec are working in this moment to care in CHSLDS in Montreal and here, we refuse to accept that they have access to these positions.”

The president of the FIQ ensures that these care professionals have the adequate training to work with older people. They have the same rights of exercise for the distribution of drugs because they can do it in the operating theatres.

“It is proposed to use them to teach people how to wear protective equipment. The therapists would be much more useful in the care teams with residents”, slice Julie Bouchard.

In the interview she granted the Daily on Wednesday, the president and ceo of the CIUSSS, Julie Labbé, asserted that it was actually preferable not to make a displacement of employees between hot sites and facilities where there is no contamination. She noted, however, that the directive could be broken to avoid a break in service.

Public Health has, therefore, undertaken an investigation. She should contact all of the patients cared for by the nurse as well as his work colleagues.

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