Potap admitted that played enough games

Потап признался, что наигрался в игры

Singer Potap’s interview with Katya Osadchaya and says why he plays solo.

She is now actively promoting his career in Latin America. There is no such professional jealousy: “it is Possible, and I solo sing? Still, I write songs, they sing, and I? “.

— You know, everyone would want that we with Nastya were rivals. But we are at such a level that now all the achievements Nastya — my achievements and all my achievements — achieve it. I’ve had enough of these games, I already won all the prizes. Enough Potap and winnick, I’m a second wave of popularity, because now I love women in the age of, well, everything else. Meet me at the store and say: “Potap, we love you so!”, writes the Chronicle.info.