Potap faced off with Dan Balan

Потап померился с Даном Баланом

Ukrainian rapper and producer, trainer of the project “Golos Krainy-9” Potap (Potapenko Oleksii), which during the 8th edition of the show (March 10) had a big fight with his colleague Dan Balan, distinguished in the air of the spicy trick during reconciliation with him.

Frames are not included in the broadcast edition, but Potapov has posted a video on his page in Instagram.

In the video Alex suddenly kissed Dana, which caused jealousy from another judge of “the Voice”, pop diva Tina Karol: the fans in the network suspect that between her and Balan develops a whirlwind romance.

While kissing Potap with Dan Balan, the audience in the hall was puzzled. It was amazing and Tina Karol, who after reproachfully replied: “I do not kiss!”.

“Because I’m with you so don’t quarrel,” – jokingly said Potapenko. On his page in the social network, the rapper said: he was pleased that the footage not shown on television.

“How nice that you all showed. It was very interesting, tough and with love. Importantly, with love”, – said the artist, writes facenews.ua.