Power, changed the rules of payment for electricity for Ukrainians

Власти изменили правила оплаты электроэнергии для украинцев

Ukrainians reminded about change of the legislation regarding the payment of electricity. Starting January 1, you must conclude two agreements on electricity – for its supply and distribution. This was reported by Oksana Krivenko, head of the National Commission, carrying out state regulation in the energy and utilities (NKREKU).

“The contract between the consumer and the distribution system operator primarily for the technical parameters of power, voltage, electric power quality, procedure of disconnection and reconnection. An agreement on the supply of electrical energy provides for commercial sale of the electricity consumers as commercial products,” — said Krivenko.

The innovations are introduced according to the law “On electricity market”, which came into force last year.

Note that the government plans to reconsider electricity prices for Ukrainians. In connection with the onset of the new electricity market in the country is also ready to cancel the odious formula “Rotterdam+”.