Prince Charles boycotted, find out why the father of Camilla Parker-Bowles was against their marriage

Prince Charles boycotté, découvrez pourquoi le père de Camilla Parker-Bowles était contre leur mariage

You didn’t know may-be but the father of Camilla Parker-Bowles was against her marriage with prince Charles. Here’s why !

Contrary to what one thought, the prince Charles would have been presented to Camilla Parker Bowles by one of his old girlfriends. In love since the 70’s, the duke and the duchess of Cornwall have experienced a romance more chaotic than ever. And for good reason, the two lovebirds have not, at the time, not able to live their romance to the big day. So, they decided to attend in secret and in the back of Lady Diana. A relationship extra-marital which has not failed to make a chat for years. Rejected by the royal family, Camilla Parker-Bowles has finally managed to get a place, when she officially married prince Charles in 2005. Only problem ? His father Bruce Shand was not very excited by this union.

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According to the confidences of Sally Bedell Smith in her book Prince Charles: The Passions and Paradoxes of an Improbable Life, Bruce Shand preferred to Andrew Parker-Bowles at the prince Charles. To such a point that he would even have forced the hand of the latter to whom he married Camilla in 1973. According to the Guardian, the father of the duchess of Cornwall would have been very furious when her affair with the heir to the crown has been unveiled at the great day : “Bruce has accused Charles to ruin the life of his daughter. He has been completely forthright with him, but they did not come to hands. Charles would have ended in tears.” Fortunately, Bruce Shand has finally changed his mind about his son-in-law. He had attended the marriage of his daughter, before leaving us in 2006 after succumbing to cancer.