Prince Charles helpless in the face of the depression of Lady Diana after the birth of William, the sad revelations

Facing a depression after the birth of his eldest son William, Lady Diana has not been able to count on the support of prince Charles, who was totally overwhelmed.

This is not a secret for anyone. The marriage of Lady Diana and prince Charles was far from being the fairy tale as hoped. For proof, their romance has quickly turned into a nightmare when their first child arrived. In the documentary, Princess Diana: The Woman, Inside released in 2017 on Amazon Prime, we learn that Lady Diana had suffered from post-partum depression after the birth of prince William in 1982. A complicated period for the princess, who could not rely on her husband, completely helpless before her grief. “Diana had terrible mood swings. All she wanted was affection and a shoulder to cry on. Unfortunately, the education of Charles was prevented from doing so. He really knew how to take. He thought that it was his fault” has entrusted the biographer royal Penny Junor in the story.

Prince Charles impuissant face ? la d?pression de Lady Diana apr?s la naissance de William, les tristes r?v?lations

Lady Diana has struggled to recover from the birth of William

Also asked about this painful period for the couple, the writer Simone Simmons is in turn delivered to the distress of Lady Diana, declaring : “Diana has suddenly changed in the eyes of Charles. This girl is adorable, carefree, cheerful, easy-going and made everyone laugh suddenly become jealous, difficult, and constantly angry. Prince Charles was a very busy man and dedicated to his royal duty. He just didn’t have the emotional capacity to handle Diana.” Well sad revelations. Definitely, this love story has been more complex and never. In the rest of the news, the rumors continue to go good train in the English press. According to some, the prince Charles would be on the verge of a divorce from Camilla Parker-Bowles.