Prince Charles presented to Camilla Parker Bowles by a ex-girlfriend ? The amazing revelations

Prince Charles présenté à Camilla Parker-Bowles par une ex-petite amie ? Les étonnantes révélations

Prince Charles, he met his wife Camilla Parker-Bowles with one of his ex-girlfriends ? Apparently yes, and it will reveal to you who it is !

Before getting married to Lady Diana with great pomp, and to give the british monarchy two heirs, prince Charles fell madly in love with Camilla Parker-Bowles. We are then in 1970. The prince of Wales participates in a polo match on the grounds of Smith’s Lawn near Windsor, in front of the eyes of a beautiful blonde who is none other than the duchess of Cornwall. The young woman did not have cold feet and decides to go to approach the member of the royal family. But their first meeting was really held in this way ? Not so sure. According to other archives, Camilla Parker-Bowles is input in the life of prince Charles with the help of a bawd is not like the others, the first little girlfriend.

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According to the explanation of Gill Knappett in his book Charles, Prince of Wales, the heir to the crown has met Camilla Parker-Bowles with Lucia Santa Cruz, his love of youth. According to the words of the author, it is beautiful and well this cute chilean who made the presentations during an evening during the summer of 1972. Conquered, the son of queen Elizabeth II is quickly fell under the spell of the one that officially became his girlfriend in 2005 : “Charles and Lucia are still good friends until today. It is thanks to her that he has met the woman who has had a huge impact on his life : Camilla Shand. Charles was immediately captivated by her, by her love for nature, his sense of humor and his indifference to the latest fashions.” And for still more revelations, be aware that the prince Charles has long been hated by the daughter of Camilla Parker-Bowles.