Prince George and princess Charlotte close to Kate and William, find out what the gesture of their parents they love to copy !

Prince George and princess Charlotte are already the ace of the protocol ! And today we learn more about the two little children of Kate Middleton and prince William.

Not easy, when we are child, to understand all the subtleties of the protocol british royal. And yet, the prince George and his younger sister princess Charlotte get along very well ! Indeed, if the duchess and duke of Cambridge are experts in the field, we can say that this is also the case of their children. This is due to the education that Kate Middleton and prince William give it to George and Charlotte : “growing up in the palace means that the training is not a course and is not really official. This would be more an observation of all the days and nice lessons before an event or when meeting an important guest, to help prepare them. The lessons of the label of prince George and princess Charlotte were probably started as soon as they were able to attend events with their family”.

Prince George et princesse Charlotte proches de Kate et William, découvrez quel geste de leurs parents ils adorent copier !

Learn to greet, to an art !

And today we discover a story adorable on prince George and the princess Charlotte, which apparently are fond of a detail of the protocol : the hand salute ! This is what is claimed by the Daily Express, who has interviewed one of the butlers to the royal. The latter argues that this gesture “graceful, dignified and elegant” is important for public appearances, and the two children love to greet the crowd. He also adds that to their young age, the two toddlers to master very well the technique that is more precise than it seems. Which is not a surprise for fans of the royal family, who have been able to observe on many occasions the enthusiasm of George and Charlotte. Kate Middleton and prince William, who have made their first joint appearance since the birth of prince Louis, have done a good job !