Prince George was soon enrolled in a school of luxury ? Kate Middleton might break the tradition !

More modern than ever, Kate Middleton plans to break royal tradition by sending his son George in an amazing college.

It is still a little early to think about it because prince George is not older than 5 years, and yet, Kate Middleton, who threw his four truths to Meghan Markle on Christmas day, was already considering what will be the best college for his son. Contrary to popular belief, the duchess of Cambridge would not want to send his piece of cabbage at Eton, the same school as his father prince William. The reason for this ? It would seem that this prestigious school for boys is far too elitist and not modern enough for the taste of the mom. In fact, Kate Middleton would like to offer an education that is less traditional to the eldest son. A decision that may well break with royal protocol. But then, where would be the prince George ? We have the answer !

Prince George bientôt inscrit dans une école de luxe ? Kate Middleton pourrait briser la tradition !

What will be the future school of prince George ?

According to the information of the british newspaper, Kate Middleton could then register the prince George at Marlborough College, a boarding independent the most respected in the country. And for good reason, the latter offering a greater social mix in welcoming the girls, the boys, as well as all beliefs. As for the activities, students can flourish, thanks to an observatory, a swimming pool and the many golf courses on which to play sports such as rugby or lacrosse. To note that the tuition fees amount to 14 000 euros per year. But when one loves, one does not count ! Matter to follow therefore. In the rest of the news, find out how queen Elizabeth II was able to prevent prince Harry to leave the royal family.