Prince Harry and Meghan Markle soon to be parents, these names unexpected that they could give to their baby

If we still do not know what is the first name Meghan Markle and prince Harry will choose for their baby, here are a few ideas in which they could draw them !

As you know, Meghan Markle and prince Harry who recently returned in secret in Los Angeles, will soon welcome their first child. The opportunity for the couple to think carefully about the name they will give it to him. A choice that could well be a surprise if the duke and duchess of Sussex decided to take inspiration from their ancestors. Indeed, the first names the most common in their family trees are Mary, John and Elizabeth. But there are other more unusual. The side of Harry, we find Lancelot, Boniface, and Marmaduke for a boy and Ursula and Hyacinth for a girl. As for Meghan, his grandparents Alvin and Doris and her great-great-grandparents, Ralph and Gertrude remain a possibility.

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On the side of the bookies are british, we tend to think of English first names a lot more traditional for the first child of Meghan Markle and prince Harry. Alice, Grace, Victoria, Diana, Alexandra, Elizabeth and Frances are in pole position if the toddler is a girl. And for a boy ? James, Edward, Alexander, Arthur, Oliver, Winston, and Spencer are part of the big favourites. As is the royal tradition, the public will not know the sex and name of the baby at birth, the latter being scheduled for the month of April 2019. So please be patient. In the rest of the news, you know that Cole Sprouse has unveiled the most romantic that he has done for his sweetheart Lili Reinhart and you will crack.