Prince Harry desperate attacks against Meghan Markle ? He feels responsible for her misfortune !

While prince Harry is very protective towards Meghan Markle, he would feel responsible for his unhappiness !

A guilt terrible ! Well, yes, the meltynautes, for several weeks, the former star of Suits is the target of rumors of more and more violent. Because if the tabloids argue that the young woman is at war with Kate Middleton, a source has recently delivered the record straight by saying that Meghan Markle was far from being disliked by the staff. Unfortunately, all of these statements were to reach the interested main but also her husband if you believe the information released by the magazine US Weekly : “Meghan has done a tremendous sacrifice going to settle in England, away from his mother and his close friends. Be part of the royal family has nothing of the glamour.”

The source goes on to confident : “This is really not what people think. This is why prince Harry feels extremely responsible for the misfortune and the pain of Meghan. It therefore takes every attack against it very personally. He wanted to get out a press release on numerous occasions in order to defend and refute all these false rumours that circulate about her. However, it was not recommended to do so. Meghan needs to handle a lot of things between being pregnant and the lynching to which it is facing and this situation is very stressful for her. She is frustrated by all the speculation.” In the meantime, the mother of Meghan Markle would be ready to defend it in the face of Kate Middleton.