Prince William and Kate Middleton at war with prince Charles ? We have the answer !

Kate Middleton and prince William have a really complicated relationship with prince Charles ? It tells you more !

This is the rumor that short since the last few days. Kate Middleton and prince William would be on the outs with the prince Charles. The reason for this ? The duke and duchess of Cambridge would have totally snubbed during the big summer holidays. In fact, while the prince of Wales had invited the parents of George, Charlotte and Louis to spend a few days with him in his castle of Mey in Scotland, the latter would have simply refused. Ouch ! It didn’t take long for this refusal to do a chat on the social networks. But Kate Middleton and prince William are they really that hard to get along with prince Charles ? Don’t worry, it’s just the opposite !

Prince William et Kate Middleton en guerre avec le prince Charles ? On a la réponse !

Prince Charles will have to be more present for his grandchildren !

The prince William, which is popular thanks to Kate Middleton, actually want prince Charles to spend more time with his grandchildren George, Charlotte and Louis. “I seek to develop the relationship between my father and my children. I think he already spend time with them, but I’d like that he spends even more. Now that he has reached his 70 years, this is the perfect time to consolidate these links, because as in all families, you fear the passing of time and the trouble of health. This is the man most in form that I know of but I would like it the rest up to his 95 years. Spend more time with him would be very nice, as well as seeing him play with his grandchildren because when he is there, he is awesome,” he, moreover, explained in the documentary Prince, son and Heir: Charles at 70, recently broadcast on BBC One. Adorable confidences.