Prince William and Kate Middleton complicit with prince Harry and Meghan Markle, check out the irrefutable proof of their good agreement

With all the rumors that revolve around them, the princes William and Harry and Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle should not be delighted ! But today there is evidence that they appreciate.

Where are really the relations between the duchess and the duke of Cambridge and the duchess and the duke of Sussex ? For several weeks now the rumors about the two royal couples are increasing, and they are many to say that the atmosphere between them would not be more happy. Prince Harry would be convinced that prince William would not accept his relationship with Meghan Markle : “William told his brother that they knew nothing of his past, his intentions, and of who she really was. He just wanted to emphasize that being part of the royal family is a major undertaking and that the pressure and control that flow from it are endless. Is this that Meghan was right ?” But can we trust this rumor ?

Prince William et Kate Middleton complices avec prince Harry et Meghan Markle, découvrez la preuve irréfutable de leur bonne entente

Not according to a source of Us Weekly, which says that the prince William and Kate Middleton have a modern communicate with prince Harry and Meghan Markle in when they are not together ! In fact, according to the website, just like other members of the british royal family who said they use WhatsApp, the two couples have a group chat just for them. It is not known if they use this particular application, but in any case they have conversations common, according to a source close to the family. To reassure the fans ! If Kate Middleton has willingly ratted on the foibles of William, it would be so well-intentioned towards Meghan and Harry and vice versa !