Prince William : check out the business that he wanted to exercise when he was little and it is adorable !

While prince William is a daddy proud of his three children, check out the business that he wanted to exercise when he was little !

You will crack ! Well, yes, the meltynautes, if the husband of Kate Middleton takes his role of dad very seriously, and her three children, let us not forget that he was a little boy also and he also had dreams. While prince William and prince Harry have inherited their warm Lady Diana, the eldest of the family wanted to have a career especially when he was still a child. This is Andrew Morton who revealed this information in his book dedicated to princess Diana. Specialist clan royal he said : “William and Harry were well aware of the fate which awaited them. And on one occasion, they had discussed their future with Diana.”

Prince William : Découvrez le métier qu'il voulait exercer quand il était petit et c'est adorable !

He continues in these terms : “When I grow up, I want to be a policeman to watch over you, mom,” said William. Very quickly, Harry replied with a triumphant note in his voice : “Oh no, you can’t but you can be King. William has a very good heart, just like Diana.” Pretty statements that prove once again how the two small boys were close to their mom. One thing is certain, the prince William is a very good dad to his children and his family can be very proud of him. Pending further information, check out how Kate Middleton and prince William to educate their children.