Prince William gaga George, Charlotte and Louis, find out what he wants at any price to teach them

Prince William is a daddy present for his children ! Check out the very special he wants to teach them.

Prince William and Kate Middleton, a couple who in many ways are a dream for fans of the british royal family ! The duke and duchess of Cambridge, who have been together since the early 2000s, seem to be ever more complicit and more fulfilled, especially since they are at the head of their small family. And yet everything has not been easy in their relationship ! In fact, we now know that in 2006, Kate Middleton was in tears after that prince William has decided not to spend Christmas with her. But fortunately today the brother of the prince Harry is much more galant, and it is also very much present for their children !

Prince William gaga de George, Charlotte et Louis, découvrez ce qu'il veut à tout prix leur apprendre 

In fact, if Kate Middleton loves to tell some anecdotes about their youth, in this moment, it is especially his famous husband that talks about. Prince William recently revealed George and Charlotte could show silly in public, but he is obviously delighted to be able to spend a lot of time with them. And according to historian famous Mary Beard, which has recently been granted the title of Lady, the prince William, told him that he would like it to teach latin to her children ! A project that enthusiasm to the specialist, as reported by the site New Idea : “It is important to learn where we came from, and that people have access to one of literature’s most extraordinary and influential of the world’s culture? This direct connection with something so influential written so long ago is very important I think”. If one adds to that the Spanish and the French, we can say that the three toddlers royal will be able to shine in the society dinners !