Prince William hates it really Meghan Markle ? An expert in body language tells

This is the question that everyone asks. Meghan Markle and prince William are they really cold ? Here is the opinion of an expert in body language.

You have not been able to move to the side. Last December, prince William has been filmed in the process of snober Meghan Markle at the traditional Christmas mass at the church of St Mary Magdalene in Sandringham. Images that have quickly upset fans of the duchess of Sussex. And for good reason, there was the brother of prince Harry completely ignoring his sister-in-law, preferring to focus on her scarf. The rumors are alleys good train in the british press. Prince William and Meghan Markle hate each other they really ? When questioned on this subject by the Express UK, the expert in body language Judi James has given his opinion : “This sense of detachment could have been caused by tension but also by the aversion of William to the idea of playing comedy. After the controversy around the marriage of his parents, William has always wanted to avoid all emotional manifestations in public that might attract the attention of the press. I think that’s what it is that he wanted to avoid rather than Meghan.”

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But the explanations of the specialist does not stop there. Judi James said that Meghan Markle was perhaps not even addressed to prince William : “This exchange between William and Meghan is dependent on their proximity and the look of the duchess. At first glance, it looks like she made a smile at William as he is busy to arrange her scarf and she returns with a mine sad. But it could very well smile at Kate, rather than William, which means that the prince would not even have been affected by this exchange at this precise moment.” It is true that focusing on the above video, it was more like that Meghan Markle seeks Kate Middleton look without paying attention to prince William. Either way, it is hoped that there is no tension among the Fab Four. And for still more info on the royal family, find out when prince George and princess Charlotte have made their back-to-school.